The inverter, also known as the conversion unit, allows the electrical energy produced in the form of direct current to be transformed into alternating current, ready to be fed  directly into the electricity grid. It has to be capable of supporting  the transfer of the current, produced by the plant, from  the photovoltaic generator to the distribution network, thereby respecting both technical and safety requirements.

The level of tension and of the output  frequency of the inverter must  be compatible with those of the distributor network while the level of incoming  current and tension must  be compatible with those of the photovoltaic field.

The  choice of inverter model and size must  be made on the basis of the nominal photovoltaic power connected to it. As it is the most delicate component of the entire photovoltaic plant special care must be taken when choosing the environment in which it is installed, to ensure  that it is provided with an adequate degree of protection.

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