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ABB is a  producer of energy systems ranked seventh in the world in terms of turnover (400 million dollars). They have 10 manufacturing plants spread across Europe, America and Asia. Moreover, they have 11 centres for product research and development in Europe and in  the USA, which employ over 400 staff.

The centre of world excellence in R&D, marketing and production of AE products is located in Arezzo in Italy  (a team of 500 staff work in a plant that covers an area of more than 20,000 m2).

In December 2006 Power One acquired the Magnetek Power Electronics Group and a few months later  it was listed on the USA Ardour Global Index stock exchange,  while in February 2007 it was listed on the NASDAQ Clean Edge US Liquid Series Index Fund.

A high degree of reliability and efficiency is guaranteed by the ABB Aurora Series inverter range (whose productive capacity has increased by 100 MWp/year since December 2007).