Smart Home

Measurement & Management of actual energy generation & consumptions

In the age of renewable energy sources it should be stressed that their impact will be - for sure - limited if not managed in a right and
smart way. So the need arises to develop management systems as soon as possible which, on the contrary, work to enhance this impact and reduce
dependence on conventional energy sources.

All this requires our distribution grids to become “smart” (Smart GRID) thus combining the distributed electric power generation with the centralized
one, typical related to fossil-fuel power stations. It is moreover necessary that houses are built or renovated focusing on energy efficiency and active management: a “smart home” able to
measure energy consumptions and automatically activate household appliances and other devices using electrical energy to maximize self-consumption of the PV-generated energy.
Houses able to make people aware of higher and higher, daily consumption levels as well as of value-added, virtuous attitudes our society should strive for.