Innovative Photovoltaic

PV is changing the energy world!

The universe of energy is entering a new era. PV is driving this epoch-making change.
In a few years, solar PV has proven that a new, clean, and sustainable way to produce energy is possible.

Traditional power generation of few, large fossil-fuel power stations is facing a widespread system of renewable energy plants, mainly PV installations: a thorough revolution, leading to a fully new concept of energy output,
increasingly focused on savings and efficiency.

A new era is coming: next generation solutions and brand-new products able to make solar energy – usually a not programmable source of energy – a resource which can be easily managed, at any time and in any condition.
Especially “Energy Storage” and “Smart Home” show how leading-edge solutions are going to change the PV features in the next months and years, thus driving us into a new solar system.

Enerpoint, a pioneer in photovoltaics for over 11 years, is in the front line, boosting this paradigm change.