Enerpoint for Africa

Enerpoint for Africa

Enerpoint: an ethical project

Enerpoint has a strong ethical stance,  manifested in their decision to promote solar energy and in their keenness to fund sustainable development projects in underdeveloped areas.

Starting in 2005, Enerpoint partners chose to earmark a part of their profits annually for charities and aid organisations working above all in Africa.Three in particular were singled out: "Friends of  Angal", the "Suore madri della Nigrizia Comboniane", missionary nuns, who have been working for the Ugandan people for many years and "Semi di Rosa".

Here are the projects launched and brought to completion by Enerpoint. 


Purchase of an ambulance jeep
The old ambulance jeep needed to be replaced because of an accident during a long jurney to the hospital.
Purchase of a rainwater cistern
700 children of the nursery run by the Diocese of Kotido- Missione delle Suore madri della Nigrizia Comboniane receive now the water!
Enerpoint has decided to help two Ugandan boys to study and become a valid support for their community.
Installation of a photovoltaic plant.
The new PV plant will pump water for the Angal hospital.
Purchase of “plumpy nut” nutritional bags
The purchase of nutritional bags helps the community of Angal.
AIDS orphans
The increasing number of orphans has urged the association Amici di Angal to launch this new project. The money raised is distributed to the families of the village that welcome the orphans and take care of them. Up to now more than 200 children have been helped.
Small houses for nurses
The hospital of Angal needed proper houses for it's staff to permit them to permanently on call.
Distance learning support
This project want to fund the distance learning for the youth of the Missions of Cameroon, India and Brazil and follows the motto of the Mission: education is freedom.
Schools in the Sudan
Together we build schools and training centres in the Sudan. New schools and the renovation of existing ones are the aim of Father Salvatore, a Combonian father who has been involved in the Combonian missions in Africa for many years.
Children's ward
The aim is to permit even lengthy hospital stays in exchange for the token sum of 1 euro.
Photovoltaic for Balidhabene
A first PV plant has already been installed, but another one, bigger than the first, is already on his way. It will provide solar energy to the Balidhabene school.
New parish in Sudan
The building of a new parish is the aim of Father Salvatore, a Combonian priest who has been involved in African missions for many years.
Photovoltaics for Todomé
The purpose of the project was to launch a development programme in order to grant the people of Todomé, a small town of 2,900 inhabitants in the province of Wawa on the tablelands of Togo (Central Africa), self-sufficiency in terms of food, education and medical care.